Book an Event/Author Visit
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Book an Event/Author Visit

Now taking bookings for author visits at pre-school, primary school, high school and libraries. This will include a reading, interactive presentation and a Q & A time. Please contact me through The Scottish Book Trust Click here or through my contact form on the contact page.


The Turtle and Spider is a story all about friendship and adventure. Mr. Sniffles will take you on a wonderful journey to help little ones understand germ awareness. Go-Go teaches anti-bullying and encourages youngsters in a delicate way. Spikey will have the children laughing out loud in an inventive potty training book, and Chancer teaches about inclusion through song and dance. Landis is suitable for primary 7 upwards. I am available to speak with more than one class in a day.


I look forward to hearing from you. Please find some free teaching resources below:




Colouring Worksheet












Teaching file to accompany author visit.






On Wednesday 3rd May 2023, Primary 4 pupils were lucky to be joined by Shelly Mack for the morning. Firstly, we loved hearing Shelly read her book ‘Go Go the Gallimimus’ all about the importance of being kind. We enjoyed completing puzzles based on her book The Turtle and The Spider and we also got to do some creative writing of our own. We are looking forward to getting feedback on our own stories from a real-life author. Thank you, Shelly –Primary 4 and Miss Calder


Michelle came in today to visit Primary 2 and read one of her story books, Chancer the Dancer. Michelle had a lovely, friendly manner with the children and managed to hook their attention and capture their interest straight away. She was incredibly animated during her reading which naturally lead to all of the children participating in the story with the dancing and singing. Michelle had follow up tasks to do that were fun and motivating. Thank you for coming along today Michelle, it was lovely to see all the smiling faces enjoy this experience and they were very keen to go online and listen to another one of your stories later on the day – Mrs Wedlock and Primary 2 🙂