Life is a Rollercoaster!
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Life is a Rollercoaster!

The rollercoaster of life is something we all experience, For me having children has made this phrase very real! Now during this lockdown, it has added new highs and lows as we adjust to this new day-to-day life.

Each day I have been so surprised at how the little ones just take it in their stride and find new things to busy themselves with. Of course, plenty of bickering occurs and interventions are required but all too quickly there is laughter and cuddles. A rollercoaster indeed!

I had a moment (well several to be fair) this week when I was getting increasingly frustrated and my oldest daughter said to me, ‘Mummy take a deep breath and count to four.’ Well, that sorted me out and I had, as I so often do a really proud moment. She gave me the clarity I needed right when I needed it!

This morning my youngest daughter came in at 5 am and climbed up saying, ‘mama, I want to give you big snuggles,’ my day is made already.

Each night after our hectic fun-filled days my girls do their prayers. They made up their own prayer at this time, here it is below:

Bad bug, bad bug,

Go away!

Bad bug, bad bug,

Stay away!

Bad bug please don’t make anyone sick!

Well, there it is in a nutshell. My oldest daughter had prayers for her friends this morning as she told me she loves them and misses them. I too love and miss my family and friends and wish everyone a very Happy Easter. We are all on this rollercoaster of life together!!

Stay safe. Till next time.

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