Home Schooling
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Home Schooling

Hi everyone. I wanted to write a post on home schooling as we are all in the same boat out there! I firstly would like to say to all teachers out there, massive respect.

My girls were very excited to have Mummy as their teacher for the first few days but now I’m getting, ‘Mummy I don’t want to work, I want TV and snacks’ or, ‘I’m bored.’ I am just taking it a day at a time and cherishing the fact that I’m getting extra time and cuddles.

As the days have gone on I am changing things about myself more regularly and not sticking to a strict routine (hard for me). I was admiring other people’s schedules and gave it a try but I think my girls being only just 4 and 3, I needed short bursts of learning and varied activities, so I have finally found my niche. I am by no means saying I have cracked it. As a mother I will never say that as every day is a school day, no pun intended!

Going out a walk (always social distancing) has been a saving grace just now. I have never enjoyed fresh air or exercise more.

Today we will be doing pedicures and manicures. I am a Beauty Therapist by trade with no current clients so my girls today will be my subjects.  I will be showing them how to take care of their hands and feet with extra bubbles!

Overall I’m impressed with how well my girls are doing. Me, well I was used to NEVER GETTING A HOT CUP OF TEA before and now 4 nuked cups of tea later I give up. I was actually inspired to write this below:

An Ode to My Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea, there you are

and low and behold,

It appears once again

you have gone cold!

One day I know

you will be hot again,

but at this moment

there is no way to know when.

I won’t give up,

on you I depend

as you are always needed

my caffeine friend!

One last note before signing off. We will have good moments, hard moments, moments of happiness, and moments where we could cry (of course there is no time to cry!). Every day brings its challenges but just know you are doing a great job and your children are safe. Give yourself a break and don’t beat yourself up as we all have our moments.

My youngest daughter said to me at the beginning of the day, ‘Mummy I not go to nursery now, but I get school with Mummy, I like that the best.’ A well-needed moment as sometimes we all feel clueless!

Till next time. Love and prayers.

Shelly Mack

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