Mummy Shelly’s first blog ever!
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Mummy Shelly’s first blog ever!

Hi everyone, my first blog ever and my first post ever!

Welcome to Shelly Mack Books. Its not long till the release of my first book, ‘The Turtle and the Spider.’  I’m so excited to see it in print and I cant wait to share it will all of you.

My oldest daughter said to me tonight when holding her turtle teddy, ‘Mummy I’m looking after this turtle, its the same one from my story.’ I had to smile as there would be absolutely no story without her as she and her sister completely inspired it!  Well today is their 4th and 3rd birthday and they are my everything so I have written a poem for them that I wish to share with all of you! Happy Monday everyone. Till next time.

My Girls

Your birthday is here Your turning four and three
It’s happening way to fast, your dad and I agree!

From babies to toddlers, with minds of your own,
It’s completely amazing to see how you have grown.

Whey your Dad and I became, husband and wife,
We needed two little girls to complete our life.

We love you both more than you could ever know,
We experience joy each day, watching you grow.

And even in the moments where there are rivers of tears,
Just know we are there to calm all your fears.

Make mistakes and learn, be kind and fair,
Stay close to each other my beautiful pair.

Happy Birthday my girls, I love you both always,
Today, tomorrow, till the end of my days.

Your Mama xxx

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